Legal Basis of the Discount Programme:
Recommend us to a friend and we will reward your trust.

In order to make our Solidarity Community grow and to be able to carry out more social work and solidarity projects, as well as to try to make it possible for our customers to get their electricity “almost free”, at Luz Solidaria we have created a Discount Programme – Recommend a friend and we reward your trust. 

The particular conditions of these programmes may be communicated to customers via email and/or Whatsapp, as well as on our website (, where the benefit, procedure and duration of the programme (if it has a predetermined duration) will be indicated.

To all our Luz Solidaria customers: Luz Solidaria customers are defined as any natural or legal person who has contracted an electricity supply point in their name with Luz Solidaria.

To all New Luz Solidaria Customers: New Luz Solidaria Customers are defined as any natural or legal person who has NOT contracted any electricity supply point with Luz Solidaria (in the last 12 months) under their name and who ends up contracting electricity supply with Luz Solidaria thanks to the recommendation of one of our Luz Solidaria Customers.

Refer a friend: With our Referral Bonus program, receive discounts on your bill for each referral that hires their home or business.

Once a Client is already active with Luz Solidaria, they will automatically receive a personalised link with a code associated with them (more or less within approximately one month of signing the contract), any contact or invoice received through this link will be registered with the Client’s recommendation code, and if your friend or relative ends their contract, we will give you a discount on your next invoice. This link can be forwarded by email or Whatsapp to your contacts.

  • Applicable to the first contracted supply point for each recommended supply point, not compatible with other bonuses associated with the same supply point that generates the right to the bonus.
  • It will only be valid if the recommended person is not already a Luz Solidaria Customer.

With our Trust Bonus programme, receive discounts on your bill for each new supply point you sign up for as a second home or new supply points in your name.

If you want to contract a new supply point in your name, and receive the trust bonus, you can do it through your link or simply when you contract with us we will see it when you enter the system (although of course it is always good to remind us).

  • In the case of a first-time contract and at the same time several points of the same holder, the discount will be applicable to all the supply points. In other words, each of the supply points will receive a discount (including the first one).
  • If there is a difference of 1 month or more between the contracting of the first point and the rest of the point, the discount can only be applied from the second point of supply contracted (i.e. the first point will not have a discount for trust), not compatible or cumulative with other bonuses associated with the same point of supply contracted that generates the right to the bonus.

The amounts of the discounts that appear in the programme do not include VAT. These amounts may be modified at any time, with prior notice on the Luz Solidaria website or via email to the Luz Solidaria Client, and will be applicable from that moment onwards.

Once the Refer a Friend and Reward Your Trust programme has ended, these conditions will no longer apply.

In cases of recommendation, once the new customer is already active with Luz Solidaria, the discount will be applied to your next bill.

In the case of rewarding your trust, the discounts will be made on the first bill that comes out of that new contracted supply point.

There is no limit to the number of times you can recommend us or bring us a new point in your name, everything will be accumulated and we will discount it on each invoice, yes, the accumulated discounts higher than the amount of your invoice will be divided into several invoices, so you will be discounted as much as possible until the invoice is “almost free” and the rest will be saved for your next invoice, and so on until you use up all the bonus amounts.

Those Luz Solidaria customers who have outstanding debts with Luz Solidaria at the time of receiving the invoice payment will not be able to benefit from this discount, it is an essential condition that the customer does not have any outstanding debt to pay.

In the event that there is a recommendation discount or trust bonus pending on your bill but there is a change of ownership in the supply contract, this discount cannot be made as it would not meet the requirements.

To participate in any of our referral programmes, you must agree to these terms and conditions.

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